Free Free Free!!! .com domains!!(must read for online shoppers)

Well as you know there are many sites which provide free .com domains and many others. Many of their free plans are not good and many of them which are good place their Ads on the sites. In this subject I did a little bit of research to see if the internet offers something good thats for free!!

With my quest for this i came accross this website!!

Free domain scam! After i saw their schemes i was like wanted to kill myself as whatever i am getting now for paying to my web host i can get all that for free!!! here have a look at their promises!

free-domain scam!!2


This was awesome till i decided to test it myself here are the results!!free-domain scam!!3

This is a scam there are many more options in the site which are affiliate links and advertisings!!

here are something else in the site which all of you should be aware of

there was this link in the site telling that get webhosting at unbelievable prices!! and here are its results!

free-domain scam!!4

Basically these are insecure sites which can be used for hacking!!

Moral: Do not believe if someone is giving you something for free which is unbelievable because that might be either a scam or something fake!!

Moral2: always see when you are shopping online that is the site starting from https://

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