Free domain and Hosting for 1 year( Not a scam)

free domain

Well when we think of something free we think of oh its either a scam or they will put a banner in your site. But this is nothing like it this is completly free but but but you cannot make any scam sites with this you have to make a legitimate sites as they will have your pan tan etc etc!!

This is powered by google and hostgator!!

So heres the work out get free .in domain

2. you get free hosting get what Free email addresses ( eg -your

you will get all the support and all stuff but you wont get any of those wordpress installations or any other platform you have to use their own predefined themes and templates this is the only Bad thing in this offer other wise the offer is great

So guys what are you waiting for grab this offer before it ends!!

Go to

Please note this offers is only available for indian citizens sorry if you arent an indian but if you have an indian pan number with you then you can easily avail these services!!!

I am sorry if you dont haveany of these things you just have to wait for my next post on free domain and hosting in a day or two research

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