How to Use China Mobile as a Modem to Surf Internet on PC

You need mobile and data cable.
Make sure ur SIM1 holds the sim that is to be connected and also make sure that u get connection to ur phone…

1.Now all u need to do is download the Micromax Driver (it suites for all china mobiles) from Micromax : Nothing like Anything Click Here to Download
2.Download the driver(say Q3 Driver) and phone suite(say Q3 Phone suite)
extract it and save it on ur hard disk.
3.goto ADD MODEMS in your PC and browse for the (.inf) file that is in pathQ3_Phone_SuiteQ3 Phone Suitemodem_inf….Press OK.
4.Double click on application files in Driver folder (dont forget to install InstallDriver.exe)
5.Click on Phone suite Application and configure your COM Port using your USB data cable…
6.Create a connection (Phone SuiteSettingsCreate Connection) using the Access point that depends on the network u use…
eg: vodafone= portalnmms
reliance= rcomnet……………..
7.Goto Dialup tab to get connected using your data cable and enjoy surfing…
8.In order to use it wirelessly…..Connect ur phone to pc using bluetooth and right click on your device ….click Dial up Networking and create a connection and use the modem “Standard Modem over Bluetooth Link #(label)” and also the modem that is installed few mins b4
(i.e) “MTK GPRS Modem” with COM label that u have configured(eg. COM3)….
Its all done now and enjoy browsing on ur PC using ur GFIVE handset with or without wires…
MObile inter net

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