Turn Your Bluetooth Enabled Cell Phone Into Wireless WebCam

Wireless camera actually costs higher that I was unable to afford. Later this thing came in my mind. Why can’t I turn my Bluetooth enabled cell phone in to wireless webcam?
Let’s summarize things you’ll need:
-Cell phone with java, Bluetooth and camera in it.
-Bluetooth adapter for desktop
-Software that will turn your phone in to wireless webcam
Now lets begin with the tutorial:
Download and install Smart Cam V1.5 for your desktop. Now again download the favorable cell phone software from here. If you have symbian OS in your cell phone then download the correct symbian version, or you can download the java version as well. After downloading install it to your cell phone.
Now you’ll need to pair your Cell phone with computer from Bluetooth.
Run smart cam program in windows. And open smart cam in your cell phone as well.
In windows, choose Bluetooth as the connection in Files>settings.Smartcam
In cell phone select connect and choose the Computer device in range.Remember your PC must be visible to everyone in order to detect the PC by cell phone.If everything went well, you’ll be seeing through cell phone’s camera in your computer.You can use it as webcam in instant messengers like hotmail and yahoo.

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