NInte–One tool For All

Have you formated your PC or do you do it very often like me?? Well then the biggest problem is to actually install the programs which were previously there in our computer. You wished ” I wish there was 1 program to do it all ” !!

Well then your questions and problems are answered

For this to work you need to have three thing lets check them

1.A good internet connection

2.A recently formatted PC

3. A good amount of space in the C drive

So lets begin:~

Ninte – The Easiest, Fastest Way to Update or Install Software It is like the ultimate one tool to do all other things

It has a number of supported tools which we use in our day to day life on our computers. Well to describe them is booring so here is a pic for that~


Using this tool is very simple choose the programs you want to install(tick them) and then click on the installer to get what you want. After the file downloads you can do is run it and leave the computer because it will take some time depending on what apps you chose and on the speed of your internet connection.This tool can also be used to update the softwares installed in one click. It is a very efficient software and does not download a software which is up to date on your PC.

Remember :~ Ninte dosent support piracy and hence gives only trial versions of those softwares which require activation.


Like most of the softwares Ninte also has Pro version. The pro version of Ninte has more functionality and Accessibility and ofcourse looks more cool.

To give a complete picture lets give you a picture to make you understand whats it about.ninte pro1

click the Image to open it in a new windows


When you open the trial pack for Ninte pro first you get this –ninte pro 2

The the real software window shows up.

Ninte pro provide us to install and also update these programs –which are there in the above pic of supported softwares but there is an extra feature box that is for remote installation and update pinte pro 4




As you can see that this pro version has a lot more exciting features. People should support and buy the pro versions so that it can finance them in makeing such wonderfull software such as this

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