How to Repair Corrupted AVI files

Well many a times when i am transferring a movie from a CD to a Pendrive everything seems fine. Ok. But !! After i got back home what i found was this ” .Avi file corrupted” !! Well i know how fustrating it can get sometimes so here i am giving you a tutorial on how to actually repair these errors and say tatta bye bye to them!!

For repairing these errors we will use a tool called



DivXRepair is a very simple software solution designed to repair broken or corrupted AVI files.

Everything’s incredibly simple when it comes to this particular application, starting with the interface and ending with its features.

What it does is actually quite a basic job: DivXRepair looks into avi files and cuts off the broken parts, those that are usually freezing the playback.

After that, the program automatically reassembles the video file, so video players should be able to skip the broken parts and provide a seamless experience, of course without the removed frames.

As said, the interface is just basic and comes with three buttons to add files, repair them or empty the list of videos to be processed. Unfortunately, there is no drag and drop support, which means you have to manually add files to the list using the built-in “Add file” button.

The good thing about DivXRepair is that it works quick and easy, with a minimum footprint on computer resources. On the other hand, there are a lot of things to be improved, starting with the interface and ending with a help file to guide users when trying to use the program.



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