Boost your PC Performance: Intel Turbo Boost

World Wide 90% of pc owners use Intel Chips, and for those of you who have Core 2 Duo or later, Intel has provided a software designed to overclock your processor as and when needed without any hassle.Useing this litle software you can push the processor to its limits forcing it to works faster and better.

Intel Turbo Boost is quite amazing: My Rig has i5-2300 running on it, and its base speed is 2.8 Ghz, but after boosting, it becomes 3.1 Ghz.

Not only does it overclock your processor, it can also minimize energy consumption when you are working on non-processor intensive tasks. And it does this with minimum fuss. Usually for overcloaking we need to go to bios then select options and many more. But this little software does it all for you :D

With Turbo Boost, the need for harware overclocking with its hazards has vanished. Try it!


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