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Well sometimes when you want to send someone a mail and do not want to disclose your identity , you use a tool called GOOGLE and search for the following terms-~~ “How to send anonymous mails to someone” “how to spoof emails” and “how to send mails with some other sender address”.

There are a few ANON mailer sites and other softwares. i have tested them all and these are the results

Anonmail2 On number one position was the It provides many options including the attachment,X-Mailer, Header,
SMTP Server selection,Date and time selection ETC. they do not record the mails or log them which ensures our privacy. this is the best fake mailing service out there. The message is delievered within a minute or 30 secs and will look like this ~~


2. On the second position hails the This service is free and delievered the messages in seconds. but this has one weak point!! It dosent allow you to enter your own fake email address which is bad for fake emailing.


3.Anonmail4next comes Silent sender is a secure site ie: HTTPS. silent sender is a service that works in a different way. You type in the message and send the mail to the respected person anonymously. Teh person gets a code and then he/she has to go to there site and enter the code to see the message. In this process the identity of the sender is secured and there is no way in which people can tell that you have send the message untill and unless you have written your name in it.


The code in the pic has to be entered here for the person to see the message



4. Last but not the least comes the DEADfake

Deadfake is a wonderful site for sending fake emails and it could have been in the first position of the list but there are two problems with the mailing.

1. It is trackable. Meaning you can be traces if you send emails using this service.

2. After clicking on the SEND NOW button the email reaches the inbox within secons !!! but there is one problem in the mail that spoils the show

(See for yourselves)


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