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Skin Packs are great way to customize your PC, so that your boring windows desktop looks good. so here i bring you the all new Gaia skin pack from skin packs. I loved the skin pack, BUT i hated it when i got to know about its many many restrictions. Usually under normal conditions i would just give the download link for it and start praising the pack. But since i used it myself i think its time to tell you how to outsmart the smartest 😉

1. first of all i did not like the desktop background at all !!! That really is a plain desktop. And when we try change it– it reverts it self back !! I did not understand how or why but this is not acceptable.

1.So first of all you need to download my registry tweaker which was featured before in Activating Windows. This will give you access to modify all the folders. So after double clicking it and saying yes to all the confirmations. Go to -E:Program Files (x86) For 64 Bit and E:Program Files for 32 bit systems.

NOw right click on the folder Gaia Skin Pack and select “Take Ownership”.


Now this will solve most of our problems like now you can change wall papers by going here> C:WindowsWebWallpaper

and adding your own custom wallpapers here after which selecting them by Right click on the desktop>personalise>Desktop background>and select yours desktop backgroundSkinpack3

2. Next Come Rocket Dock settings. The theme pack comes with rocket dock pre customized which cannot be changes as the settings.ini file is a read only file. So now you dont need to worry as That tweaker mentioned above has done its jobe and now you can change the icons,Looks and whatever you wish.

3. Increase you system performance. Delete unnecessary loads which load your System Startup. run>msconfig skinpack4

NOTE: These settings must be done after atleast 1 reboot after the processes you have done. kk THIS IS IMPORTANT

Now moving ahead to msconfig > Now under the Startup Tab> Uncheck the following

1. Autoplay menu builder

2. Files Frog updater and then apply>OK>Reeboot

Download the skin @SkinPacks

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