Facebook Hack 2012

OK its my pleasure to introduce to you — The all new facebook hack. It works on all types of LAN and wifi connections ok. I have made Video tutorials and other stuff on how to do and all so i will not waste time in writing in details on all my steps any further. This hack is for you and for everyone So please share it. They should be aware of the consequences of being on a shares wifi or LAN.

Tools used and download links —

Download- Cain&Able http://www.oxid.it/downloads/ca_setup.exe
Download- Wireshark http://www.wireshark.org/download.html
Download – Cookie Manager —

Video Tutorials —


Part 2

ENJOY the new hack


Note: To be noted 😛

This is just for educational purposes only. this shows you how insecure your LAN or Wifi connection can be. Hack to learn and not learn to hack ~~  Always Remember.

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