Team Fortress 2

Well, u know after lot of hard work and all we wish to entertain ourselves. But sometimes just dont get the right means. Some do it by playing games, Some by watching online Tv shows and some by watching the web. OK, So today i am introducingto you(If you have never seen it before or even heard of it), TEAM Fortress 2.

Well to start with this is the best game which i have played, Its3D, Without any lag and definately the best MMORPG. Well you get to choose between a number of class. There is the defense class, offence class and the support class.

Each of the class has its own weak points and strong points. For a team to succed all the players have to be in complete coordination. There are many options to play the game like offline and online. i dont recommend playing the online mode if you have a BSNL and slow internet connection. but if you have a faster internet connection like Airtel or aliance and then Ok. I truly enjoyed the game as it is now one of my Favourites.teamfortress2 2

Well its 10GB a download so the offline mode should be good enough for the starters.

Next comes another feature of its which is that it lets you create your own private servers so that you can play ther game with your friends at a time. This is a really good feature of its. Now i think that it has beaten the WARCRAFT in the world of MMORPG games.

Visit the site- To know more on the game. The last word- Its a 10GB game and really thats very big for most of the guys , but then again its worth it man. Every megabyte of the game is worth playing. So what are you doing go get going. Download the game and then comment your exeperiences below 😀

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