Refresh your computer

Well, You see, after a a year (or two) your computer starts to lag !! it dosen work as it used to. I starts hanging a lot and sometimes it just dosent work upto mark and how it used to do. So…. If this is your condition then you have come to the write place guys 😀 Today i am going to give you an step by step guide on how you can bring back the PC which you had when you bought it. No worries if its MAC, Windows or Linux. These things are for all.

So lets start

1. Lets first clean up the hardware. Well i know its a work which i wont like to do but…… We have to do this when we want a Tip-Top computer ready to be boasted about.

a. First always comes your keyboard. Star Fact- Your keyboard has more germs than a toilet. yes thats write, It really does have more germs than a toilet- Google it out for more info.

Things we need :- refreshPC3


2.A clean cloth (this dosent look that clean as it has been already used)

3.A toothbrush or a Brush ( which isn’t used by anyone)

Note: Make sure that while cleaning the keyboard you should not use excessive dettol or water as it can seep through the keys and destroy the PCB(printed circuit board of the keyboard) Just apply a little dettol to the brush and then scrub the top of the keys individaly making sure nothing seeps through the keys.

When its all done we move on to the next step of cleaning-

THE MotherBoard–refreshPC4

Remove all RAM sticks for the slots and the graphics( No worries if you have it Inbuilt) Now for the ram slots just a strong blow might clean it from dust. here your main aim is to remove dust and not to just make it shine. Remember not a drop of water over here. now you see a fan there– just clean that blades with a brush(You might find lots of dust in there but thats normal) Your whole system is dependent on the working of that FAN.

WARNING: Dont open up the PCU or this FAN shown above to clean it unless you have 100% Idea of what to do. PCU’s are replaced once it starts lagging but these can be cleaned.

2. INTERNAL CLeaning

This section of includes internal cleaning of junk data which you have. Now you will start to think that all your data is very precious and that nothing in your PC is jusnk. BUT you are mistaken buddy. just open that “My Computer” and browse the files you have and you will be surprized to find all the worthless treasure you have been storing(Fools Gold 😀 )

So first we start with deleting those files — After which we will delete all temporary file in the recycle bin.

After all this clean up we will

1.Defrag the PC

2. Optimize and defrag registry

3.Delete broken short cuts

4.uninstall programs that are of no use to us.

You may choose to carry out all these things on your own But.. You have an alternative that is to use Advanced System Optimizer for which i have provided the full version in my blog.refreshPC5

Congrats Now you have a completely New COMPUTER(If YOU HAVE FOLLOWED ALL THE STEPS)


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