Download Wikipedia for Offline use(Easy)

Wikipedia.. Worlds largest site on informations which currently ranks 6 in the world wide website ranking. This post is for those students who dont have a very stable internet connection and have lots and lots of projects to do !!!(I am one of them 🙁 ) So the basic idea is to download all the webpages from the site and store it on your. now this is really tricky 😀 as wikipedia has around 3,719,838 articles which means about 3,719,838 web pages to download. You should be thanking wikipedia that it dosen’t have a very chunky theme because with a theme this small it has about 40Gb of Data.

So altogether they have compressed the file for your download upto 8.36Gb. You can then use a tool to decompress it into 36 GB. It is a complete offline version of the largest informative site WikiPedia 😀

i have put the instructions in the download. As for the WikiPedia download please download it here(Download Link).

Download the decompressor from Here. All the instructions are in the file so now ENJOY 😀

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