Burn Any ISO Image To USB and DVD

This download is available for both the linux and Windows users. Its a wonderfull software that is a freeware and can burn ISO images to both the DVD and the USB. Downloading and installation is very easy so i wont go into that!… After you have done it Just iopen it like this


SO just for the test i will be using Windows 8 Enterprice ISO image(Dont worry ill be posting on this very soon).

So the first step is to format the pendrive or your WR DVD.livelinux3

Next choose a ISO image file


After choosing you will get something like this which is to check the file for errors


After all this select your preferable options and then click on the Lightning icon like shown in this imagelivelinux6

This can take a while but after that Voila, its finished and Bootable.





opps i forgot.. download it here

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