Disable Annoying Things Using Adblock

Till date the best adblocker is for chrome and that is adblock. If you still dont have adblock then download it right away. But did you know that with the help of adblock you can block things from loading that are REALLY VERY ANNOYING like the popup in the screen or take my site for example the lower popup to suscribe.


So just for example ill show the trick to you by testing it on my site.

First go to the page and right click on what you dont want to load.adblock2

after clicking a slider with popup ust keep on dragging the slider until the page element becomes invisible to an extentadblock3

thats it now on when u load my site this wont come. 🙂

Other examples are.. these annoying share buttons !!!!adblock4

Soo thats all

hope you like and share my site with your friends 🙂

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  1. shiraz August 29, 2012

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