Copy/Cut/Paste from Protected PDF Files

Well to begin with i havent really wrote on my blog for many days,,,,,,….. So here am i at your service writing this post. Note: This is an update to the file posted here. So this is the full version of Wonder Share PDF Password Remover. Its really easy you know With this handy little software you can just remove the password from a password protected file within a minute in extreme cases 🙂 Yes i know thats fast but well thats a actual spped of this software to unlock Pdf with protected passwords. In full version(Which i am giving to you) you can unlock several PDF’s at one time. so lets start….

Note: Ashtricks does not supports software piracy. Piracy is like stealing a person’s hard earned money. I know that some software’s are ridiculously high priced and so I am giving full versions to those softwares. These full version softwares are only for those people who do not have enough money and cannot afford to spend more money on the software than spent on the hardware. If you really like the software then I would recommend you to buy it

1. Download the file here(DONT EXTRACT IT NOW)

2. Switch off your antivirus and then continue to step three.

3. extract it and you’ll get two files- 1.The crack and 2. the setup file .

4. Please dont click on the crack untill you have installed the software then double click on the crack/Keygen file and click on generate>

5. open wondershare Password remover which you just installed and then Register your product with the information provided by the keygen.



AND Its Done

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