Facebook Hack 2012

Hello Friends.. Its a pleasure to introduce you to the all new facebook hack which i figured out myself. This new trick you wont find in other site on the internet except for mine.(Remember i have DCMA copy right protection). This is a very easy hack that will allow you to send the message from someone’s email account(Or Fb if the email is registered on facebook) to their facebook account.

Facebook Spoofing

SOOooo lets check are checklist first .

1. The email address of the person whom you will send the fake message. This is easy to get-

Just go to their account and click info and you get an @facebook.com email Id. That’s the one we need. So now you can carry on

2. The second thing we need is the real email id of the person from whom we want the Message to be sent. ie- @Gmail.com or @yahoo.com

So the trick is as easy as Email spoofing— Want help in that read my post over here

OK So lets See what we can do

If you are an Advanced Hacker you can make yourself your own script and do as you please but I will be using a this Website.

It is a website for fake mailing

so when you go there you get a message like this new Fb hack3

Now remember for best results i recommend using a Proxy and logging out of your Facebook Account

So we fill the columns (The Subject will bring out nothing but a BOLD writing) I prefer writing in the text column So this is the sample Which i used (Click On th image to View Ful Image)

new Fb hack1


new Fb hack2


And DONE.. Seriously Its just that easy !!!!

So guys Again i have to write this

Disclaimer: I Am not responsible for the harm you cause using my technique. This is for educational purpose only.(C,Mon this is just a Formality cause some people do cause a lot of harm using these tricks)

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