TOP Flash Interactive Sites

Internet IS SOOooooo BOOring. Sometimes these thoughts jingle your head. Mine Too. But today i am introducing you the the Ultimate list of Flas Websites to play with and while away your precious free time.

There are many great website created by effort and creativity. Many are good some not soo good. So thats why i decided to create a list of all sites that I personally like(I was feeling Bored so i visited them 😀 )

Oz of Infinity

This site is called the Oz of infinity because it showcases few pictures that are interlinked on zooming into a Pic amazing1


An interactive Flash website thats tells us the story of a Tin Shed that made the best of the gears ETC(I am not good at this stuff)



Pehaps the most amazing ecommerce wesite that gives you the details of a selected T Shirt in an Interactive Manner amazing3


Very cool website that tells you about the Latest technologies which will help us to bring about a Greener Tomorrow in an interactive way




Create Funny faces or any type of faces. with more than 750000 possible combinations… What are you waiting for ??




Now this is a site to showcase the workings of a french who is a really great artist as well as very creative. His animations and design concepts are great



Seriously… the last thing i needed was a Doctor telling me to go to a doctor 😀



Is the Ultimate site for fun i really love this site especially the Webcam toy App in it !! its really Fun playing around in this site amazing8

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