Ultimate Guide to Speed up Android Smart Phones

Android Booster 6Android is the trend. We all love our Android smart phones as they do almost everything a computer can do. In many ways they android phones are similar to our PC’s. We can play games on our PC in our phones also we can play games. PC’s get affected by viruses and so do all other Smart-phones and lastly with time the Pc’s performance decreases and so do the phones.

Note: TO get Rid of speed problems in pc read my posts on RAM OPTIMIZING and SYSTEM MAINTAINING .

I am taking it into consideration that the person reading this is new to Android smartphones and that is why i am not including the option of overclocking as it is only for Advanced users and i will be posting it later on.

So lets start on the guide

Android Booster1. Boost RAM- Like PC’s Android phones also have RAM. The ability to handle apps is dependent on the size and condition of this RAM. For Optimizing and boosting ram we will be using a tool called Memory Booster – RAM Optimizer. Its new version has an auto Boost feature that will Automatically Boost your Ram once the performance of your phone falls under a certain level. For example while playing a game your performance decreases then this app will take action and free up RAM space for the App currently running and thus you get a smooth android experience. This is one of the best apps to Speed up Android phones.


Android Booster22. Boost Battery- When it comes to a phones performance the battery Factor is also taken into consideration. We know that Android phones are WORLD FAMOUS for their battery draining capacity and hence it is important that we utilize the battery provided by the company. For this we will be using Juice Defender. Usually it comes preinstalled on Android phones but if you dont have it then GET IT. It automatically and transparently manages the most battery draining components, like 3G/4G connectivity and WiFi and thus saves the drainage of power from your phone’s battery.

Android Booster8Another such app to boost your Battery life is Go Power Master. This is another great app for android phones that will consume as well as optimize your phone to be power efficient.


Android Booster33. Launcher Optimization- A launcher is like your Windows Start Button. It will allow you to see all the apps installed and then launch it with a single click. Now the problem arises with Androids custom launcher. The launcher is not pre-optimized and hence is the cause of Lag in your phone. You can remove this using a own custom launcher. In the premium section you can buy ADW Launcher for a very small pice and use it OR you can just download Go Launcher for free. Go Launcher has hundreds of themes to choose from and thousands of icons to customize your phone with. This App will provide you with a smooth and fast operation of the launcher.

Android Booster44. Phone Tuning- Just like a PC a phone also needs tuning,cleaning and optimization from time to time. We have hundreds of applications doing that for our Windows PC but for android smart phones the best free Android Tuner is CPU TUNER. CPU tuner tries to save as much battery power as possible.
CPU tuner gives you control over the power consumption of your android device. Its prime purpose is to be a battery saver and to save as much battery as possible, but it can be used to overclock at the same time (if the kernel of your device supports it).

Android Booster55. On Time Optimization  Suppose you are working and then suddenly your phone hangs ~~~ Those are the situation when we feel like just throwing away the phone in the nearest dustbin. This happens only when there are lots of apps running in background and the Phone cannot allot more RAM to your current application as all of it has been used up by the other application running in background. This only happens because of some application that do not exit but keep running in background when the main(Menu in Touch screens) key is pressed. To get rid of those application you must KILL them. To do so you must use this All in one App called Gemini App Manager that will allow you to kill running processes and also Uninstall and install apps.

Android Booster76.Free Phone Memory- Just like a computer you cannot chunk all the data in the C drive or in the phone memory of the the Phone. Doing this will just cause lag in your system. BUT Apps on android just automatically install in phone memory. So thats why we must make sure that this doesnt happen and use a App called Apps2SD. This app doesn’t do much but it just transfers all apps in the phone memory to the SD card.

So this is it- The Six mantras to keep your phone in Tip-Top condition 🙂

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