Your First Guide to Microsoft Office 2013

This week itself i decided to download and try out Office 2013. I already had the full version of Office 2010 and thought that this software was Microsoft’s limit and they could not make anything better than this. But Microsoft has proved me wrong. After I installed Microsoft Office 2013 i wanted a Guide to it. I searched through a few links but nothing actually provided the information to get me started with Office 2013. Even the (So called) guide in Microsoft’s website was of no help as it only gave information on Activation and all that. This is why i decided to explore it myself and write a guide for you guys.

First things first– Download the preview version of Office 2013 Here

After downloading it you may install it which might take from 30-50 mins depending on your processor speed. After the installation process when you open an Office app you will be welcomed by a welcome screen





After which you will be shown an introductory vedio to the all new features of Microsoft Office 2013





The first new thing which you get to see in all office applications are there new icons. It seems that Microsoft has decided to run an Iron into all their icons 😛

As soon as you open a new Word document you get a screen thats asks you what type of a word document you wish to have. I am goig to choose a cool template to show you guys what all it does




You can also search a cool looking template online if you have an internet connection in the same windows using this search box above the screenoffice2013(6)




After you select a template you will get an option to download the template an use it. This will be an one time download after which you can use the template anytime you wish.



Now writing something in Office 2013 is a joy. This time Microsoft has tried to do a fusion between the Browser experience we get online and the classic Word experience. You can do a lot more with page elements like images, graphs and embedded video.




You can now make your presentations more beautiful, Add cool borders, Custom page color and much more. And the fluidity of the software Ui makes it more desirable.







You can now have do more with the insert image option. You can insert images from your local computer or you can just search Bing or Clip-art store of Microsoft office 2013







It has a brand new feature called screen shot paste. Using this new tool under the insert tab you will be able to take the screen shot of the available open windows be it of any software.





Another good feature in Word 2013 is the Smart Art graphics which again lies in the insert tab. This function will allow you to insert shapes of art inside which you can insert whatever you want to write




You can now switch between reading modes down in the footeroffice2013(12)




So there in this pic you can see web mode, print layout, and read mode.


So thats it for the Word 2013, the rest is all same as office 2010.


Moving on to excel(I never really used it)- I can guarantee that it will be a joy for the accountants to work in Excel 2013. Note:really sorry if this part of the post does not live up to your expectations cause i use excel only 2-3 times a year.

So as soon as you open excel you get the same welcome screen in Word with templates available in the application. Any template you choose will be downloaded in seconds and will remain in your computer until you delete it. For the demonstrations i will be choosing the template Holidays that is quite fascinating.






After i select a template i get a beautiful screen with a quite appeasing background. Now the best thing about this template is that it is like a webpage. You can connect other tabs in office with ease using the hyperlink field. This option is available in all versions above 2003 office.office2013(15)



:Click on the image to enlarge it or drag and drop it in a new window


So you see… that from now own wards using Excel 2013 you can not only try your hands on something that has all the information but also make it wonderfully and beautifully to impress your Boss or your teacher.

For that this software has provided many many options that can take some time to learn




Conditional Formatting






Table Formatting






And cell styles 🙂




The formula tab now has more stuff to offer you –







So thats it for the Excel part- Moving on to the next application that is..


OK powerpoint- Something that most of we use to make impressive presentations. All office application have a start screen and this is not an exception. The start screen shows all the latest and the best voted templates that we can use.




The insert tab/home and most of the stuff has same options like that of office(go above to check it out)office2013(22)


There are no new Animation options which i really expected PowerPoint 2013 to have. Except for a new tab that decided how the animation will propagate. This function was already there in the previous versions of PowerPoint but not in a separate tab.





More Yet to come… Yes before introducing you to the software i need to explore more into it. I promise that i will be back with more Very soon 🙂

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