Improve Windows Bootup/Startup Speed

To start with the intro i would like to mention what i do every time i start my PC. First Switch it on. Then select windows 7 as an OS(I have other OS’s installed on my comp) then leave the room for atleast 2-3 mins. Even if i dont leave my only job would be Right click> Refresh !!

Now this really gets on my nerves. I hope it gets on your nerves too and that is why you are reading this post. So here i am going to show some tricks which i have tested and declare that it works. It is guaranteed that the Startup time of the windows will be reduced by atleast 40-50% depending on your RAM and system settings.

So After reading this post your computer should be like “Speed I am Speed :D”

  1. We all hate the blue screen telling Windows Is Loading(If not then dont blame me please !!) What actually happens is that when the sign tells that “Loading Windows” it is actually calling out the OS files and loading it so that it can be used up in your session. But our lovely startup programs just increase this time and make you wait a hell lot of time. There are many many many unnecessary startup programs that you actuall dont need just after the windows startup. If you need it you can always load it after the Windows has booted. To disable all the unnecessary startup programs we need to follow the following steps1. Go to start and search for Run. After finding it click on it Bootspeed2
    A window like this should open. In the empty space enter the following – “msconfig” without the ” “Bootspeed3
    after the new window opens go to the startup tab and just undo the apps you dont wish to load on startup Bootspeed4
    TIP: You can uncheck all the auto updaters from Google chrome, Adobe, java ETC
    I had 43 Startup Iteams from which i required only 9 !!
    Warning Do not undo any system programs like that of intels and the sound drivers loading at startup. Just the programs(3rd Party).
  2. Clean your desktop-
    How Many Files are on Your Desktop?
    Each time Windows starts, operating memory is used for all files on the Desktop. If those files are Shortcuts, the total amount of memory used will be small. But……If you have a hoard of files stocked up in your desktop, those will use lots of operating memory, essentially for no purpose or gain. With less memory available, the computer runs slower because it has to swap out information from operating memory to the hard drive. It does this process (called memory paging) to keep everything the user wants to do, running at the same time. + It will take loads of time to load the desktop at startup. What my recommendation is that you make a seperate foldwer called desktop in any other drive of your computer. Then right click the folder and send it to the desktop by creating a shortcut Bootspeed5
    Now that a shortcut is created in your desktop > Drag and drop everything into that file 🙂 Easy wasnt it ??
  3. Defragment your hard disk – For this you may use this free tool over here or a premium app from my site over here
  4. Remove Spyware and antiviruses- When you start your System not noly does the system programs load but also the spywares(Programs like viruses but these are for sending info like password and credit card details to the maker) and viruses. I recommend using a good antivirus for taking care of the anti virus but still i recommend spyware scan using this nifty little tool – Spybot 2
  5. You may also use this handy little software called Hare and Zoom


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