How To Increase Laptops Battery Backup

Laptops now are outselling desktops more than ever before. And a perennial gripe plaguing most laptop users is- “How to maximize the netboks battery life”. Here are a few pointers on helping you get most of your laptop’s battery

1. Maximize battery life using internal controls

Your laptop’s screen consumes the most battery power. To ensure maximum runtime of your laptop battery, be sure to dim your display whenever possible and especially when the laptop is not connected to the AC power supply. In windows 7, you can tweak your laptops display settings by goings to Control Pannel> Hardware And Sound> Power Options> Edit Plan Settings and then adjusting the slider settings. In addition to that the disabling of services like bluetooth and wifi connections when not in use can save a lot of energy. Disconnecting external devices like USB Drive when you are done transferring of data can save battery juice.

Never Charge Laptops Battery Constantly


A battery constantly at full charge will degrade at a faster rate, so never keep your laptop(And its battery) connected to the mains constantly. If you connect your laptop battery to an AC supply most of the time then the battery’s capacity to hold charge will reduce quicker than it would normally would. Plu in the laptop charger when the laptops battery is 15% or less and try not to unplug it from the AC supply until it has gained 100% charge. Also remember fully discharging the battery is not at all recommended as it stresses the Li-io battery and can be detrimental.

Calibrate Your Laptop Battery

increaselaptopbattery3Over time your laptops battery’s internal fuel gauge might get erratic and report erroneous levels of charge. This will hamper your performance cause it wont use your laptop’s battery optimally. To reset your battery’s fuel gauge, follow the simple steps:

1. Charge you battery full upto 100%

2. With the battery fully charged, do nothing to drain it for the next couple of hours, allowing it some much needed rest from the charging process.

2. Make sure laptops hibernate mode is ON under the Advanced Power Settings options in Windows control Pannel. Leave it in peace for a few hours to drain the laptops battery.

3. When the battery reaches minimum of 10% the battery will go to Hibernate automatically. Now leave it undisturbed for about six hours. Once that is done plug in the laptop back to the AC supply for charging it to 100%

4. These steps should be enough to restore you batterys internal fuel gauge. Do this whenever you feel that the laptops battery wonky.

Stop Unnecessary Service Apps


Another important tip is to kill processes that you dont want or add eye candy at the expense of battery. When on battery power ensure that you dont have any scheduled task running in back ground(Update, antivirus scan, search indexing ETC) as they can easily eat away the precious stand by time.

Next in line are the fancy Icons, notification in your laptops system tray on the right hand side. Well you can do two things- Stare at them till your battery expires or just end those programs. Uninstall unwanted services from your system tray. You can also disable Windows aero effect to ensure that all cool effects dont consume extra battery life. Ps. Do your laptops battery life a favor and disable transparency

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