CX Upgrades to Bizcloud

Just a few days back announced its new business branch Bizcloud. This is a cloud storage that has many features and functionality that has been offered only to the business class that is optimized for their use. It is higly recommended for those people who are in IT field and have projects which requires collaboration from many other people.



While you have for the small businesses offering 10 Gb free with 6 Gb more to be earned, Bizcloud is for those BIG Businesses that keeps on growing.

The plans of Bizcloud are as follows- Bizcloud plans

The best thing in Bixcloud is that it also offers Custom plans and customized private clouds.

Heres an interview with Nicki Escudero the content strategist for CX

1. Why do you think bizcloud willl be a big hit? What makes it different from the rest?

Ans. CX for Business stands apart from the competition because we focus on collaboration, with features such as groups, chat and social network sharing. CX makes it easy for business teams to work together, with personalized dashboards and real-time notifications. Our business suite allows users to always stay updated with new business developments.

2. Companies like Mediafire have better plan than you- If you compare them side by side, What is your defense against this competitor?

Ans. CX offers a large amount of free storage to individuals–a whopping 10GB, with the potential to earn 6GB more free through referrals. Also, we include features such as video streaming, slideshow sharing and chat to make your content come alive in our cloud.

3. Users will pay- $450 per month what will be done to keep them satisfied

Ans. We keep them satisfied with your product With our free 10GB plan, there is no cost. We work on keeping customers satisfied with excellent customer support, CX tutorials on our YouTube page ( and a blog full of cloud storage news, profiles on our users and business tips for small-to-medium enterprises ( We pride ourselves on our relationships with our customers, whom we value immensely.

4. Will it be secures for companies to put extra confidential Files for collaboration in Bixcloud??

Ans. CX uses bank grade security and complex encryption methods to ensure data stays safe and secure in our cloud. We employ secure data transfer with end-to-end encryption, as well as monitor access control and data separation. If you ever leave CX, your data remains in your ownership.

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