Top 10 New Website Design Tips For Your Blog

Change is imperative and inevitable. It holds true for websites and blog sites too. With new advancements in technology, innovative and creative designs are evolving on a daily basis. In order to stay ahead of competition, websites need to be updated on a regular basis. Web designing can be expensive sometimes, and as such you may need extra money for it. You can apply for cash payday loans in this case


This article provides some of the latest website design tips for your blog. Check them out.

Use of attractive illustrations and visuals: Make your website unique. Hundreds of websites are using the same styles and trends. This is monotonous for users who are visiting a good number of sites daily, only to find the same thing over and over again. Visuals are usually engaging. Include good visuals and illustrations in your site to make it more attractive. At the same time, your visuals should relate to the content of your site as well.
Animations: Animations are interesting and look appropriate for Matrimonial Sites, sites related to online gifting, Apparels and so on. But if your Blog site is related to Business or Economy, too many moving pictures and texts can be disastrous, as your visitors will be distracted. Also, using a lot of animation for any site is not a good idea. It confuses users and diverts their attention from the site.
Concentrate on colour and important fundamentals: The layout of your website should be focussed upon. Create a nice layout that is elaborate. Place every item you want to include in your homepage carefully, so that users find it easy to handle while going through your site. Colour schemes are also important. Do not make your site a rainbow. Use of two or three colours is sufficient for a good website. The font colour should be distinct from the background.
Content, content and content: It is rightly said that “Content is the king”. Whether it is a website or blog site, your web content demonstrates who you are. It speaks about the site’s purpose, background, services and products and so on. Content should be free of grammatical errors and mistakes in spellings. It should be informative and meaningful. Avoid beating around the bush when it comes to content.
Actions make your site more interesting: Your website will be truly engaging only if it allows some action. You can provide log-in facility to your site without charging any subscription fees. Allow interactions, like providing a search window where users can type and find information about their search.
Emphasise on your fonts: Do not combine many font styles in individual pages or else your website audience will get annoyed. Avoid underlines and shiny fonts. If it is essential to highlight some words or lines, try the bold, italic or colouring effect.
If you want your website to be somewhat out of the bag, you can try designs like cover pages of magazines, with necessary emphasis for the most important element in your website to be placed towards the centre, and all other items placed around it.
If your website is more into sports, your home page may contain illustrations of great sportspersons or the image of popular sports like football. For matrimony sites, you can include sections for unique and unusual wedding rings and so on. Whatever be your idea, do not make it over flashy or else it will be distracting.
Grab attention of users with bold headlines: Include bold, oversized headlines if you want users to focus on some important announcements or exciting offers. It can be a very useful way of driving attention to your site.
Use of pop-up’s: Advertisements and pop-up’s are great ways of drawing concentration of customers. But, a lot of pop-ups are usually boring and irritating. Every time a visitor clicks on a new page in your site and finds a window popping up his screen, he will get annoyed, and in the worst case, leave your website. A number of Apps are available in iPhones for Website Designers. 5 of the best Apps that can be handy in Web Designing are as follows:

CliqCliq Colours

Let your creativity flow when designing your site. After all, the design should please you as well as your users.
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The guest post was contributed by Sophie, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her finance related blogs @financeport .

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