Spy On Your Computer With Gecko Monitoring Software


There are a huge range of reasons you may want to spy and keep tabs on your own computer. You may have a spouse that you suspect of cheating and hope to find evidence in their inbox. Or you may have a teenage son who is spending too much time playing PC games rather than focusing on their homework. You may have pre-teens who you want to introduce into the world of computing but are worried what they’ll click on when your backs turned for a few minutes. Or you may just want to make sure no-ones tampered with your PC while you’ve been away.

Whatever the reason for wanting to spy on your computer, Computer Monitoring Software can help. Software like Gecko Monitor, will monitor everything that happens on your computer, and will do so completely stealthily. Once downloaded and installed (a process which takes a few minutes) Gecko Monitor will run in complete silence. The computers users won’t see the software in any of the standard Windows; the task manager, the start menu, the add/remove programs list or the program files directory. It’s like the application doesn’t exist!


Gecko Monitor has a number of features for each aspect of PC use it monitors. The user interface is friendly and easy to use; it has 9 tabs across the top of the application, one for each feature. You can click on each tab to review what has happened while you’ve been away. There is a tab for each of the following:


  • Screenshots are taken either every X seconds or when a new window is made active.
    Screen Shots Taken when a new Windows is Opened

    Screen Shots Taken when a new Windows is Opened

  • Anything typed, along with the application or website it was typed into.
    All Text Copied ;)

    All Text Copied 😉

  • Any website visited, along with the time/date of the visit.
  • Any application used, along with the time/date of use.
  • Any documents or files opened, saved, moved or deleted.
  • Anything printed or copied and pasted.


All of this is reported in easy to read logs, along with the time and date of the reported activity. When Gecko Monitor is running in stealth mode, you can open the user interface by typing a secret key combination (set by default as control+alt+K) and your password. To maintain stealth levels this is the only way that you can open the software to view the reports.

Gecko Monitor also has a few extra features, to make monitoring your computer even easier. The remote reports feature can email you the reports in secret, so that you won’t have to log back into your computer, but can look through the logs safely at the office or out of the house. All the features and functions in Gecko Monitor can be configured by you in the settings.


If you need to spy on your computer and want to test out Gecko Monitor for yourself, you can download a free trial by heading to http://www.geckomonitor.com. You can also read a separate review of Gecko Monitor by heading to http://www.keyloggerdownloads.com

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