Facebook: “A fantastic core option for gamers”

Facebook is taking a step further in their ever growing popularity of Facebook games. We are all familiar with the ever popular Farmville or Words with Friends (or even better), “save the kitty” type games. But let’s get down to the “nitty gritty,” we want some “big boy” games. Facebook wants to collaborate with U4iA Games to expand their genera in hardcore gaming. And why not? We have all given way to the “big eyed, bushy tail” cuteness of Facebook Games, let’s all put on our big girl/boy panties, and get some real gaming skills on.

Not Just Farmers Anymore….

Let’s take Farmville, Yoville, and Restaurant City off the table for a few minutes. We would all love to get out a little aggression now and then. And the idea of picking my flowers is just not cutting it.

I’m talking about having the same interaction that Facebook is so popular for, and allowing it’s gamers to utilize their skills to battle it out amongst one another. The key is to getting the quality up to par with console supported hardcore games. U4iA Games’ CEO and co- founder has taken the task of launching their expertise in console gaming and bringing it to Facebook. U4iA Games are proud developers of popular console games such as Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, and Skylanders, so they know hardcore.

The Art of Hardcore Gaming

The ideas that U4iA Games and Facebook are throwing around the drawing board are compelling in nature. They want the gamer to establish a character from over 30 popular video gaming elements. Among the most popular choices are soldiers, space invaders, and robots, just to name a few. Of course no character can effectively battle without an elaborate, customizable artillery system put in place to create extraordinary weapons of vast destruction. Together, U4iA Games and Facebook have already established over 9 game boards in play currently for a continually sprouting list of multiplayer game types.

Free is for Me

Of course, these hardcore games need an audience. And providing that there is a great population, specifically on Facebook, for such strong content gaming, the price of FREE is just right. With a VIP launch released within the last couple of weeks, the results were excitingly impressive. And currently (but not permanently), gamers can receive in – game coins by inviting their hardcore gaming buddies to join in on the fun. And this is just the tip of the iceberg; this hardcore battle combat is quickly growing. With increasing popularity, advantages from success are boundless for Facebook.

Facebook- Gaming Console?

U4iA Games’ CEO, raves on the quality of Facebook’s ability of accepting offensive battle content on their platform. Facebook’s developers have established a code – friendly platform that he believes is just waiting to embrace a console quality hardcore combat game. Are Gamers hesitant to make the step onto Facebook? It is believed that the quality and responsiveness of this combat game will win over even the most hardcore gamer.

With a success in seamless, high quality fluidity in the game, it is hoped to take Facebook to the next level of being a gaming console. Welch visualizes a groundbreaking gaming platform that can produce a state of art virtual sporting competiveness, high quality content delivered from a video game console, and all within a free browser, that would be breaking the bar for Facebook.


Hardcore gaming content is already available on U4iA’s web site and Sniper Games 365; however, U4iA Games sought out Facebook’s interaction between users valuable in advancing, thus providing limitless success to both parties.


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