Convert Windows 8 UI to Windows 7 with Style

Come to think of it, why would anyone change their windows 8 UI(User Interface) back to the old Windows 7 theme? But then again, there are some people who do not like the new Windows 8 theme. The only reason they shun this theme is because of its UI. They say that “This new UI So HARD… I cant open a single doc file without getting lost !!” and this is why this post is important for those people.

Psst.. if you just want to learn how to use the UI and now go into the details below.. just learn it from this 3 year old kid who will tell you all about the new mordern UI.

If not then carry on..

After the steps your Windows should and will look like this…

Windows 8

Click Picture to Enlarge !!

So moving on to steps..

1. Download Stuff…

1. Ux Theme Patcher-
2. Ribbon Dis-abler
3.  Base Theme For Windows 8 –
4.  Start Is Back Full..!Il4kkYyR!ENkxQma3vvS9zSKOwuEk4QNmROJtgW59qdqbt_FWLTc
5.  Tiny Windows Borders –
6. Win Glass Aero theme For windows 8 –
7. Areo With Blur..!QpBHTDbC!e7AhQDgzg9jD3z4IYfRflk2Ca69Ym0e7t-CTgVNjzaA


Now it may seem to as a lot many files and you may be wondering if they will reduce your Systems performance…. but let me assure you that there is nothing to fear as this is not the case for this Mod. So many files are required to change the Windows 8 settings, that’s all.

2. Install and Run..

1. Install UX theme Patcher- this will allow us to install a theme other than Windows 8’s .
Open the download file
Run it
Choose Custom settings and then uncheck Everything about browser and home page and then wait for the successful installation      message. And… Done

2. Open Ribbon Dis-abler Zip file-
Choose your system type
Double click on the exe file and click Disable.
You can always undo it by pressing enable.

3. Open Tiny Windows Borders And change 4 px to 0 like this… You can always revert it back.


You can always revert it by running it again 🙂

4. Win aero theme and Aero blur can be installed by just running it by double clicking the files. Any problems- Just comment.

Dont restart TIll  Now OK!!!

5. Now install start is back by installing it from the zipped file in the  Setup folder.
Choose your preferences yourselves but it is recommended to follow mine..

These are my settings For easiness

These are my settings For easiness

Change the Start button–

One good thing in this app is that you can actually change then start button according to your selves. Check the base theme files for two png files… well they are for a purpose.. Do as I do Now

1. Right Click on the Start menu > Properties > Appearance Tab > Add and Delete Button> Add > Locate the Two png files > Select them > and Save and apply 🙂

Easy wasn’t it??

Right Click On the Start Menu

Right Click On the Start Menu






My Settings

My Settings


And Done..


2. Next We Install The Windows 8 Theme – Base

If you have installed the Ux- Patcher then this ought to be a breeze without any troubles. If not then see the previous stuff up there again.

In the Folder of the zipped file- you have 2 files and a folder.
Just copy all the three files to the folder of your system So that it looks exactly like this

Do it like this only !!

Do it like this only !!

Now restart your System

After restart Go to your  theme page by..

Right click on desktop> personalize > Base theme ..

After this you are done...

After this you are done…

Hope you like it.. It by far  lengthy process but it is totally worth it. Trust me. It only takes about 6-10 minutes to set up and customize all the things and then when all is done and set up you can say…  It is GOOD 🙂 



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