The 10 Best Android Apps of 2013

The 10 Best Android Apps of 2013

With the fast growing technology, the use of phones and tablets is increasing on a rapid rate and one can also opt for Android Training Course for understanding in the best manner. There are different kinds companies that are launching various Android phones available in the market such as:

  • Samsung
  • HTC
  • Google

There are many applications in these Android phones which are being loved by the people but the best ones are

Splashtop Remote Desktop HD

When you are out on a trip and suddenly wish to have an access to a file which is saved on your computer or laptop, then this is considered to be the best app which would help you in doing so. With the help of this app one can have complete access to their computers and laptops.

Photoshop Touch for Phone

This is an app that helps in transformation of all the images to the Adobe Photoshop that helps in perfect editing of the pictures.

Snap Chat

This is an application which is available on the Play Store of all android phones and allows the users in sending the desired image, message and video to the recipient’s phone within few seconds.


This is one of the new social networks similar to Facebook and Twitter. With the help of this app one can easily stay connected with their family and friends and also some of the well-known celebrities.

Flow Free

If the user is a puzzle game lover, then this is considered to be the best app which makes the people face various kinds of puzzles and make them enjoy these games.

Message Me

This app basically focuses on contexts. It also allows the users to send multimedia pictures, videos, audio recordings and also sounds to their family and friends.

What’s App

This is one of the most loved apps in the android phones which allow the people in staying in touch with their family and friends. This app is very easy to use.


This app has been developed by the Bharti Softbank. This App has got more than twenty thousand 5 star ratings in store, its helps in free messaging with family and friends.

Snap Seed

This is a photo editing software with the help of which the user can edit their desired picture and make it according to their own wish. It allows the perfect editing of the pictures by making a single click.

State Bank Freedom

This app is very famous in the Android phones as it allows the user to manage their account with just making a single click.

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