Far cry 3

Far Cry 3 is set in a charming but unforgiving tropical wonderland, teeming with wild creatures and threatening drug runners and pirates that shatters its peace. You get to explore a troubled paradise that is both wild and colorful, seducing you to investigate ravines and explore new ways to take pleasure in the open-world playground you’re faced with. This game ignites a longing to complete every single challenge and explore every icon on the map. You will eventually travel across 2 sunny but sinful tropical islands; you will hunt rare game, deliver medicine to disadvantaged communities and get involved in the business side of things by skinning a shark or two in order to craft wallets with the hides.


Far Cry 3 takes hours of play before its many themes come together cohesively.  As the protagonist, Jason Brody, your first quest is to rescue your friends who have fallen into the clutches of an unscrupulous and brutal pirate by the name of Vaas. This becomes a personal journey shaded by drugs and tempered with the need to set out on a new and exhilarating spiritual journey. As the hero Jason, you become fascinated by the Rakyat tribe who take you in.  As events unfold you’re caught up between the blurry drug-induced imaginings and cold harsh reality.


As the game progresses unspeakable horrors are inflicted upon Jason’s captive friends and some of the scenes seem to have been included for their shock value alone, rather than moving the story forward of developing the characters. However, Far Cry 3 is not so much about the story but rather about the tropical world we find ourselves immersed in, waiting to be explored and exploited for our own personal enjoyment.

Game missions require you to navigate caves and hold off enemies in shooter fashion, but out there in the fantastical wild, you have the whole tropical paradise at your disposal to explore and tame. And it’s this menacing and lush environment that succeeds in making Far Cry 3 so utterly enthralling.  This game is big and bold and, where its predecessor Far Cry 2 seemed aimless, the sequel is definitely more focused yet does not ever lose its wonderful sense of freedom and sandbox appeal.



A core activity that returns in Far Cry 3 is shooting up enemy outposts in order to liberate them and convert them to safe zones as a place to replenish ammo and other supplies.  In the beginning it’s remarkably easy to free and outpost by simply shooting up a few pirates, and raising the flag with a simple declaration that the camp is now Rakyat’s. Later on into the game, however, it’s not so easy and you must put the game’s diverse possibilities to use.

There is much adventure and much to do in Far Cry 3: hunting missions that see you tracking rare creatures; jumping on an ATV or into a truck to make a wild dash medicine run through the bumpy track of the jungle; investigating caves; murdering the brutal enemy… Far Cry 3 is and ambition and grand adventure that simply sucks you in and gets even better as you play.

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