Concept of Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Undoubtedly, Samsung galaxy S4, the next version of most selling android phone S3 has surprised us in usual manner, has few competitors like HTC but the Samsung has huge community base which Samsung is sure what users want. The grand entry of Samsung S4 has much to do with the arch rival iPhone 5 but at the end S4 seems to have won some of the untouched sectors of Apple and gave a master combination of hardware and software.

Now, it hasn’t stopped there, if rumors are to be believed then Samsung is all set to release Note 3, successor of Note 2 which was called phablet by the maker. The only disappoint thing in most of the Samsung phones have been none other than the plastic cover up. Samsung finally has taken a turn from this, now it is giving a metal finish.

This won’t change any internal capacity of the device but still, we don’t always consider only the performance and sometimes the design and it’s material is very important to consider. Samsung has little to worry, the plastic stuff, which was degrading point against most of its rivals, latest HTC One also sports aluminum and Samsung has no other way but to keep it’s phone bit shiny.


Since the device is note yet out, rumors say that it is massive 6 inch HD AMOLED screen with higher resolution (probably 1080px820p). It is also said that it will come up with the all new features of S4 packed in it, the TouchWiz feature. As said above, metal finish will add much glamour to this device as compared to earlier Note 2.

Galaxy Note 3 Concept

Galaxy Note 3 Concept


Unconfirmed sources indicate that Samsung will roll out the same Android update for Note 3 as that of Galaxy S4. This may be disappointing if you are thinking to buy both the S4 and Note 3 but would be good if you choose anyone out of them. What if Samsung has decided to come up with latest Android 5, key lime pie? awesome it would be.


Camera is believed to be same as that of Samsung S4 with 13MP in the back and sport 2MP in the front, recording at 1080p with new features including that we had seen in Samsung s4. Another interesting thing about Note 3 is the incredible panorama experience in shooting the pictures and videos, if it is so, then it will be first ever device to have that.

The Alternative Concept

The Alternative Concept


This is expected to be thinner than the Note 2 and sport a similar dimension of Samsung S4. It is also expected to have Samsung Exynos 5 Octa CPU to keep the pace. Reports on the memory part are not yet confirmed, probably a 2GB RAM, but Samsung is known to surprise us at the end.

Finally, if all this comes true with the device, then we will have no better choice than this comparatively. But is it all going to be there? we don’t know yet. Cost would be still high and if you are looking for low cost phones right now, you can check out top Android budget phones under 5000 INR. if you have got better choices apart, let us know your views on them with your comments below


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