Increase your Gaming performance

Sometimes, you just can’t afford to buy the latest and the greatest when it comes to video cards . This article will help you in improving gaming experience, as well as in running any system hungry application you choose to launch along with increasing game performance.

1.Use Game Booster..

The very first thing that comes into mind, when we think of increasing gaming performance should be game booster. Now this software doesn’t actually do anything out of the box like magically increasing your performance or overclock your system. It just does some tasks you could do on your own but this program just gives you the facility to do all of them with just one click. Most common things they do is, close unnecessary background apps, which includes browser,word excel ETC, and just do some tweaks like boost priority for foreground apps, increasing shut down speed and end hung applications faster.

SO the two best game booster is Razer Game Booster. (Needs online access)




2. Adjust Windows for Best performance

  1. Click Start, right-click Computer, click Properties, and then click Advanced system settings.
  2. On the Advanced tab, click Settings under Performance.
  3. On the Visual Effects tab, click Adjust for best performance, and then click OK.
  4. Click OK to close the System Properties dialog box.
  5. Test your game.

3. Defrag you Hard Disk

It is very important to defrag your HDD regularly. Its like you cleaning your desk so that you can find stuff on desk more efficiently. Defragging it similar. it helps your computer to read the data and hence making the response time shorter.

While there are many defrager tools online.. for me the best is Defraggler. It is the most simple software and yet very efficient.

Defraggler Rocks

Defraggler Rocks

Warning: De- Fragmentation can take about a few minutes to many hours. Stopping one of these operations in between is not recommended. For me it was like 9 hours before it had completed itself. 

4. Lower the resolution of your game

You might no like it.. but it is better to have something other than nothing..

5.Increase PC’s Virtual Memory

Virtual memory is hard drive space that is set aside for use when Windows runs out of physical memory. By increasing the virtual memory, you can ensure that your games have access to all of the memory that it needs. For doing that just go to My Computer> Click on Advance System Settings > Under Advanced Tab click on performance > Settings > Advanced > Change > Custom Size > Enter the following:

Initial Size : 3072
Maximum size : 4096

Click ok> Apply and restart your System. gamebooster4


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