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YouTube is a video-sharing website, created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005, on which users can upload, view and share videos.  It is THE Biggest Video sharing site. One of the biggest network of video’s that exists in the world. There are hundreds of other vedio sharing site’s that i have seen. But only a few can come close to YouTube. Coming back to the post. Why would you need alternatives for YouTube. The answer is -“You Dont” but if you are a blogger or work in the field of animations or something like that and you need the a more wider platform to show off your skills.. then these alternatives are very important for you.



This is one of the best alternative of YouTube which allows us to share , upload , view the video files.  The registration is free of cost just like YouTube, Facebook etc, anyone who wants to upload the video can easily get registered by filling the simple form and after sign-in upload the videos. Veoh offers many features after sign-in some cool features are-

Upload videos of any length(Which is good)

Hundreds of different formats accepted

Embed your videos on your Website or Blog


Dailymotion is a French based video website on which user can publish , share, view and download the video. If you want to publish video so have to register yourself by filling the form and only you can publish your video. This is a very popular website because here you can get the videos of TV serials and movie trailers before releasing the movies.


hulu homepage

Hulu is one of the largest video sharing website. Where users can watch TV shows, movies, Webisodes, trailers and many video clips. You can only be watched only from within the united states that means its video clips, movies, trailers can be watched only in the united states. If you want to join this website you can join it simply by filling a registration form or you can directly log-in via Facebook. After registration you will get your username and password then you can log-in into the website.


Another well known video site that also shares live streaming content. One of the bigger players in the video sharing world. Founded in 2007.

Break is a great website because it knows what it wants to be and sticks with it. While most other video share websites will take anything you would care to submit,it is majorly a site with funny videos that you are supposed to see which you take a break from the world and relish your tea with something funny that does not stop in between to buffer and put ads in between.


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