Have A Email Id.. Then doing these are a must

Nowadays everyone has an email.From a 4th Grade student to a very very old guy. Everyone just has it. Its easy to create and accounts but a little hard to maintain them. Every other day some guy or the other comes and tells me.. “I think my account has been hacked and some one has changed its password” or sometimes its “I open my mail after a long time and forgot my password….and my security question !!” So that’s why i decided to write this post. To tell people what you should do when you have a email account.

1. Always remember your password.

Remember your passwordsNow this is something that isn’t so important. This is because passwords are supposed to be long and hard and hard to crack.. so remembering them is something you just cant do, unless your some rebirth of Einstein. Some good passwords are anurshaturspreiat,uloginickyworborts..

Now these are randomly generated passwords from my password manager- Lastpass. Lastpass is simply the best!! This little thing remembers all my difficult passwords and keeps them safe and available no matter what device i am using. The lastpass password is the only password that i need to remember and that is safely kept in a dark corner of my phone.

Watch the short video to know what i am talking about

Question2. Have good security questions..

When it to putting security questions everyone starts thinking with their kidneys. They think “ah well ill remember it…” but in the time of need there are only a few that remember. People come to me and ask me… “Can you kindly help me in restoring my Gmail account” and i am like OK..

Things to keep in mind while setting a security question.

1. The answer should be something that only you know.

2. It should be an easy one that can remembered by you in the time of need.

3. if you want you can keep it as a note in ever note or in lastpass vault so that it is available to you always.

4. IF you think u cannot use random passwords just use this simple trick.

marry had a little lamb – mhalb – password
or if your name is raj- raj is the greatest guy in the world – ritggitw – Random password

Now in this method you can easily remember your password and also make it difficult to hack by others.

3. Add your phone number or others

Most email providers allow you to add alternative email addresses or a mobile number that will allow you recover your lost password with ease. Having one of these is a must.

4. Use Two step authentication


By now, most of the big social networks like twitter and facebook and email providers like yahoo or gmail have applied this two step verification process. This is a simple yet effective way to stop people from hacking your account.

If your gmail account is opened from any other device than from yours, then it will ask for another pass key that has been sent from your phone. This makes gmail un-hackable until and unless your phone is also with the hacker.

How to Setup 2 Step verification ??

1. For Gmail-  Goto Gmail account… then click on the ‘Account’ Link. See the picture below for reference.


A new page will open. In the left hand side there will be an array of options. Click on the ‘security’ one. After that just click on the settings under two step verification. Or you can just do it by visiting this link- https://accounts.google.com/b/0/SmsAuthConfig?hl=en

2. Yahoo –

To turn it on, log in to your Yahoo account, then click on your name in the top left corner. In this example, I was in Yahoo Mail. Then click on Account info After than choose the option Sign in and Security and then select the last option Setup your Second signin verification. 

After this just follow the simple steps.

Hope you liked the post.. Kindly comment your queries below.

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