Switchboard: Faster Internet for Mac & PC

Do you have slow internet speed? Do you have multiple internet connection ? Ever wondered if you could add two networks to get a super network? A faster network that will buffer your video’s before time. That will download stuff at high speeds. Well your queries are answered. Switchboard which initially started as a Kickstarter project allows you to just combine networks and get the best speeds from both of them.

Here’s what it does


Access Anything from Anywhere

With Connectify Switchboard running on a home or office computer, you’re never more than a couple clicks away from your stuff. Remotely access important documents, stream your home music collection, even watch region locked content on Netflix and other streaming services when traveling or abroad.



SpeedFull Speed Ahead

Use multiple Internet connections simultaneously for a blazing fast experience. Switchboard can accelerate even large single socket transfers and streams because it works at the “packet level” leveraging advanced channel bonding technology to speed up everything you do online.



LockKeep it secret keep it safe

Secure your Internet connection and easily encrypt all of your Internet traffic through your own personal server. Switchboard keeps sensitive online banking, credit card, and other information totally safe, even when you’re on an untrusted public hotspot.



In short it does this


Combines networks to make a super network. 

Currently it is selling for 5,600 INR for a lifetime membership.

Here are a few video proofs for the above mentioned software-

Connectify vs. Hotel Wi-Fi from Connectify on Vimeo.

Skype Call Before and After from Connectify on Vimeo.

Faster Uploads to Dropbox and Google Drive from Connectify on Vimeo.

Hope you like this awesome product (Give me your view in comments)

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