My experience with MaxCDN

I have been using my MaxCDN for about a year now, and I must say that I am impressed. My website uses shared servers located in India so if a person is visiting my site from the US it used to take him a hell lot of time for him to view my site. But since the time i have been using MaxCDN I have been getting positive responses from my visitors.

Some people just want proof So here it is

MaxCDN proofThis score used to be about 65 Before I Used MaxCDN with w3 total cache and the scores rose up, See link.

MaxCDN + w3 total cache = Supercharged WordPress site

MaxCDN + w3 total cache = Supercharged WordPress site

For those of you who don’t know whats a CDN-

A CDN is a network of servers around the world which have a copy of your website and its small files, so when a visitor loads your website, the CDN delivers your website’s files from the closest server to them. The further the physical distance between the server and the user the slower the website becomes. So by serving from a closer location, the speed of the website increases.

 Setting up MaxCDN on my WordPress blog

Setting up the MaxCDN account was quite easy using the plugin w3Total Cache By selecting the MaxCDN in the General settings page like this

W3Total MaxCDN


and then putting down the auth key and all in the CDN page of the plugin like mine



The CDN dashboard is pretty cool and gives you almost all the info you need.



You get all the statistics of your data



Based on your data there are five different zones:

  • Pull Zone – for image, css files, js files etc. You can setup Gzip compression for further optimization, pseudo streaming, new cache control, overrides and even a robots.txt to allow/disallow crawling. Here you’ll have automatic purging and caching.
  • Push Zone – I don’t personally use this but it’s a zone optimized for files that are less likely to change but that are bigger than most files like installers, ebooks, and pdfs. These files don’t get purged or deleted.
  • VOD Zone – VOD is for flash, realplayer files, and whatever else. It’s basically for video/audio streaming. The reason for this zone is to disallow purging (cached until deleted or modified).
  • Live Zone – this Zone is meant for live video or audio being streamed.

Since I have a blog that has only css,images and javascripts in it, I use only pull zone.


The last cool thing about MaxCDN is the pricing. I am using the starter which should be good enough for almost every blogger out there.

  • Starter – 1TB/year, instant activation, real time reportingETC @ $39.95/year (which is roughly $3/month). You get only 1 zone and for each extra zone you will have to pay 12$.
  • Business – 1TB/month or 12TB/year, 25 zones, full API access. $79/month or $799/year
  • You can also get a discount of 25% by clicking the following link: MaxCDN Discount

Please do comment and share how MaxCDN charged up your slow Wp site.

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