How to Convert Torrents to Direct download Links

Convert torrent/ Magnet links to download it using downloaders like IDM . There are a few ways in which the process is possible.. But i will give you the best and the easiest process.

1. Zbigz

This is one of the easiest process but has strings attached. No torrent can be downloaded which are above the file limit of 1 Gb.

1. First go to Zbigz
2. Enter the magnet link or just upload the torrent file in the space given

Convert Torrents to Direct link using Zbigz

Convert Torrents to Direct link using Zbigz

If the file limit exceeds the 1Gb Limit you will get the following error.Zbigz 2It will take sometime to cache the torrent depending on its size

zbigz32. is a premium download and requires you to pay up for those premium downloads. This is the best converter which I have seen till now having features that are available in the premium version of the bittorrent client. It can download and cache multiple files and once and also play unfinished video files.
The one day trial is just 0.99$. Why you should buy it ?

People sharing your internet connection.They hate you!

With, you won’t disturb them, because you won’t be hogging all the bandwidth.

Get to your files from anywhere

Any device that has a browser can access your files. The ones that can play MP4 videos, access them better.


Huge torrents are hard to get

Not with Data flows towards us. Gigabytes of torrents complete at blazing speeds.

Watch RSS feeds

And automatically start transfer jobs. Works great with podcasts and other clever contraptions.


3. Torrent Handler

torrentHandler is yet another converter which has no limits except for on download speed which is about 1.5 Mbps due to their server limitation. Their only requirement is that you register on their site and upload the torrent file. After the file is ready for download you will get the link directly to your inbox.

If you have any other service like this, please feel free to comment and share with others what you know.


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