How to be safe from Cyber Crimes

Cyber-crime is happening more often since the commercialization of the Internet in 90’s. There are several forms of cyber-crime, most of which will not target the individual home user. This is due to corporate or government networks tend to be highly prioritized targets. However, you may still find several cyber-crimes which could harm the home user. In the event you follow these easy steps or call Norton helpline, you can reduce probabilities of being a cyber-crime victim. Of course, cyber-crime is often a business and also by protecting yourself, you will be making it less profitable and, hopefully, putting a few cyber criminals out of business.

Use Spam Blocker:

Switch on your spam blocker. Most Internet providers give you a spam blocking feature to stop unwanted messages, such as fraudulent emails and phishing emails, from arriving at your inbox.

Norton1Use an Anti-Virus Software:

The spread of computer viruses can be in charge of major losses of internet data and sometimes money or machinery. Some of the most popular antivirus suites are in the picture to the left.

The Antivirus is your first line of defense and is a must have. If you dont want to buy an antivirus then i recommend you to get free antivirus suites like Avira, Avast or McAfee.

Turn on Firewall Protection:

Make use of your computer’s firewall protection feature, the industry digitally created barrier that prevents hackers from getting into your computer system. Keep it fired up. Usually firewalls are included in a good antivirus but if you are using a free antivirus, these are worth while checking. Some of the best Firewalls are – ZoneAlarm Firewall , Comodo Firewall and Tinywall 2.1 

Shopping Security:

Ensure that you do buying online over a secure website, like people that have a URL that depends on “https” and/or possess a Trustee or VeriSign seal. If you don’t see these anywhere on the webpage, you run the potential risk of submitting charge card information and also other personal data to some site that could be a fraud.

Buy from reputable stores and sellers. Here are some ways to check:

  • Find out what other shoppers say. Sites like or BizRate have customer evaluations which will help you determine a site’s legitimacy.
  • Look for third-party seals of approval. Companies can put these seals on their sites if they abide by a set of rigorous standards such as how personal information can be used. Two seals to look for:

Better Business Bureau Online—(BBBOnline)


If you see the seals, click them to make sure they link to the organization that created them. Some unscrupulous merchants will put these logos on their websites without permission.

Avoid Fake/Spam Mails:

Avoid getting taken in by common scams, including foreign lotteries, phony sweepstakes and other alike methods employed by cyber criminals to have your individual information and funds. If this sounds too good really was, it probably is. Sometimes you might even get a mail which may seem legit, like i got mine from

Click this link to view the pdf file–>  UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION

Always stay clear of these spam mails and never respond to them.

Restrict Access to Computers:

  •  Monitor the web activities of one’s children. They need to only have usage of your working computer found in a central section of your property and you should regularly check all browser and email activity. An intelligent action to take is with parental control software that limits the kinds of sites the user can obtain. To know more on monitoring head on to this link.
  • A clear method to prevent computer crime is usually by asking helpline like Norton helpline that can direct you to restrict use of all terminals with a network or on a single computer in the home of office. Make a point entry to the computer is merely possible that has a secret password avoiding physical intrusion around the home terminal.
  • Don’t leave your computer on and connected to the Internet when it’s not being utilized. This can allow access through the link with those wanting to access one’s body and commit crimes. It’s also best if you physically restrict use of the computer system in an office setting. Computers must be turned off; password protected as well as is secured behind locked doors once the office is unoccupied. Allow it to become as difficult as is possible proper to tamper with the machines.

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