How to Optimize Windows 8 for Better Performance

After Using Windows 8 for about 4 months now, my system has started to lag. I am sure if you are reading this then your’s too is showing signs of under performance. This post will give you all that you need to keep your Windows 8 PC in Tip- Top Condition.

For Software’s to optimize our PC visit the following pages- Tune Up and Advanced System Optimizer

Before we start optimizing your system, Let us first check whether your PC needs it or not. For this we Will be using a Tool called Soluto.

SolutoSoluto is a revolutionary web based software that tracks and analyses your system. You will be surprised at what it can do  It Requires Internet to for full functionality and showing details.

Its just a 1.5 Mb software that installs almost instantly and analyses your system.



As soon as that task is finished you will be greeted with the following message.. Clicking which will lead you to a webpage containing all your system. It will give you Information on your PC monthly Electricity charge, Problems in your PC, Factors creating the problems, Drives, Updates and more.


To view the Full Optimization page of Soluto Visit this page

Whether to optimize or not that you have to decide based on the results on this page and your personal PC experience.

Moving on to Optimizing..

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1. DE-cluttering your PC

As you use the computer over time, it starts accumulating junk which is not required at all. This junk not only uses your precious hard drive space but also reduces your system performance by a certain percent.

To get rid of them use CC cleaner which is free of cost.



2. Defragment Hard Drive

To understand more on Why defrag and fragmentation Head on to G33ksGilrl’s

To Defragment your hard disk use the following software from piriform – Defraggler 



3. Manage Start-up Programs

This can be done using the tool mentioned above- Soluto or from the native start-up manager integrated in the Windows 8 Task Manager. StartUp Manager

4. Disable Useless Animations (Visual Effects)

Windows 8 looks very good and is a eye candy. But what if i told you that the good looks costed your PC’s performance ?

Go to Windows Search and Search For “Performance information and tools” then click on Adjust Visual Effects in the left menu. After which a windows will open with the following options. Select Adjust for best performance and press OK.



5. Control Windows Indexing

Windows constantly Indexes your files so that you can search for them quickly, this however costs you your performance when you need it the most. To control it-

1. Go to Windows Search and type “services.msc

2. Open the option that comes under Apps

3. Navigate to Windows Search and Right click to select properties



4. Then Just Disable it and press OK



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