Top Scary Games for Android

There used to be a time, if you wanted to play a game that was creepy and scary, you had to own a gaming pc that was extremely expensive or you had to have a home console such as an Xbox or Playstation. Now, with the rise of tablets and mobile phones that are as strong as computers from just five years ago, gamers can get their scares on the go. Here we are going to look at some of the best scary games that can be played from the Google play store and onto your Android device.


Topping out our list, in no particular order, is Zombiewood Zombies in L.A. This game is made by the developers Gameloft, who have many titles available on Android. Zombiewood is a fast paced action game. It has over twenty levels in which you must survive an onslaught of undead who wish for nothing more than to eat you alive. Players will find many different types of weapons to take down the Zombies, including guns and flamethrowers. The game also features a multiplayer that allows players to go up against their friends in many game modes. This game also features a leaderboard, where if players rank high enough they are given special rewards.


Shrieking into the second position on our list is Curse Breakers: Horror Mansion. Developed by MPI games, Curse Breakers: Horror Mansion is a puzzle solving game. Players are invited into a Haunted Mansion and must survive and save the family inside from the horror by solving puzzles. The graphics are superb and the sounds of the game are enough to make sure that even the strongest hearted player will sleep with the lights on. The controls are simple and easy to use. Curse Breaker is the perfect game to play right before going to bed, that is if you are not scared of the dark.



Moaning to a stop in the third spot is Dead City. This action game is developed by the team at Com2uS. A deadly nuclear attack has wiped out most of humanity and has turned many into flesh eating zombies, whose only wish in this post-apocalyptic world is to chow down on the player’s brains. By completing each level, players are given a new piece of armor and a new weapon. These vital pieces of equipment can be upgraded up to twenty times each, allowing for players to become stronger in the face of the undead. Players will drive around in a car and shoot at zombies, and it is even possible to get a headshot will driving down the road. How cool is that?


So, whether you are sitting on your front porch this Halloween handing out candy to “trick or treaters” or doing the house to house, any of these games will make a fine addition to your Android tablet or smartphone for your Halloween escapade. We at dark horror games dare you to play the scariest horror games this Halloween. Just remember to keep a light on when you go to bed to avoid all the things that go bump in the night. All of these games can be found on the Google play store and can be downloaded straight to your Android, so take them along this Hallow’s Eve.

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