Phonebloks- Build your own phone

Around the world there are 5.2 billion phones in use today. Every year people 1.5 million(only android) people switch over to a newer model of the same brand when it releases. This not only wastes money but also produces Tons of trash. To tackle this problem, Dave Hakkens thought of an innovative solution to upgrade only the obsolete component of the phone and not the phone itself. Something like what you do with your computer.

This video should explain what i am trying to say:

And now that they are successful in gaining enough social awareness, they have set off with Motorola to get the dream into reality

So now the phone has evolved from the concept design



to Motorola’s project Ara


Basically it is a revolutionary idea in which you can upgrade your phone constantly instead of buying an new phone altogether. Phone feeling slow ? Put in a few ram modules. Batter running out ? Then just remove unnecessary components and insert a bigger battery. Its just like lego. You can constantly make your own ultimate phone and thus saving the environment by not producing e-waste.

The future

Well considering that this concept is the future of phones in the future, the mobile market will be divided in this fashion:
Each company will sell their own components and not the whole phone. It is upto you to make the phone that suits you for example in the below picture you can see speaker provided by different famous brands only for your phoneblok. BrandsSpeakers

Comment below on how you will customize your own phoneblok.

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