DAP 10 Premium Full version

In search of an alternative for Internet Download manager. i came accros DAP. Download Accelerator plus. This is a wonder full tool to use and supports all major browsers. It is a wonderful software with cool new features such as (i) Video preview while downloading it (ii) Zip file preview while download is still on.

Note: Ashtricks does not supports software piracy. Piracy is like stealing a person’s hard earned money. I know that some software’s are ridiculously high priced and so I am giving full versions to those software’s These full version software’s are only for those people who do not have enough money and cannot afford to spend more money on the software than spent on the hardware. If you really like the software then I would recommend you to buy it   


In Windows 8.1 – It only supports IE and FireFox 🙁

It annoys you to download and install their video manager.


1. download it — 😀




2. Install It..

During installation do choose Premium User as you will activate it later:

While installation you might get an option to update it– Do it





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4. Do comment and tell me if something’s not right. 


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