Backup your PC to be on the safe side

Backing up your files is always a hectic job. I haven’t done it for the past many years, even though i was prompted by windows many times to take backups. it was not until last month when do to just one click my whole drive got formatted and i lost a lot of important files. since then i have been on the safe side and have created many backups and kept important files on the cloud.

In this post i am going to tell you how you can safeguard  your important data from misfortune events.

Here’s a video showing whatever mentioned below:

1.Create a System Image

Creating a system image allows you to restore contents of your computer even if the hard disk stops working. This method is recommended if your PC is susceptible to virus attacks(You download many torrents and other files) our if you keep testing with new OS’s in the market.

To do this in windows 8.1
Use the search function in start and click on File History after doing this a new windows will open up and you where you will find the option you are searching for in the bottom left corner of the screen. 



After this you need to select a drive or some other removable media to store your backup on


Click next and then select the folders you want to include in your System image and would like it to be restored. 

Note: It is preferred if it is done on a removable drive or another drive. 

 2.Create Restore Points

Frequently create restore points if you are installing too many software. You never know which software might end up messing up your system. This is a quick restore which acts like a time machine sending your PC back in time when the restore file was created and restoring all windows settings and windows files.

Do do this search 8.1 for restore and select the following option

after which you just need to click on the button: Create a restore point.

3.Use cloud services

This can be used to backup very important files that we want to access even when our PC is gone for repairs or is restoring it self.

The two best free services are
1. Skydrive (Integrated with windows 8.1 )
2. Bitcasa infinite drive

4. Use Recuva

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