Quick Fixes For Wi-Fi Speed Drop

Have you experienced a moment of superfast online gaming experience and the other moment would be difficult to download a web page? This problem is very common in a home network, where the entire network is running on a Wi-Fi. You need to optimize the connection very frequently, to have a constant pace to work comfortably.

Today’s discussion is about the tweaking of this issue of Wi-Fi speed drop. Read on, to find it in detail.

Is your internet connection working fine?

To make sure that there is no issue with the internet connection, you need to connect a Gigabit Ethernet to the router and if there is any issue with the connection, then you need to contact the Internet Service Provider. If not that, then there is something else that you need to tweak with.

Firmware update

Next thing, you could do is update the firmware. This is done in an attempt to fix certain software issues that might not be easy for you to fix. You need to update your firmware on a frequent basis. If it seems to be a tiresome job to do it manually, you can have the firmware to update automatically.

Un-interfered Wi-Fi channel

A must focused factor should be the Wi-Fi channel. If you make sure that the channel your router uses is the one free of any kind of interferences, then you can expect that a better performance. Possibility is there that the Wi-Fi channel you’re on is being used by another router. There are applications that can scan and find if, there are other networks that share the same channel as you’re on.

Having your network on the channel that is shared by many other networks will have less strength in signal and the speed of your network will drop drastically. Try to pick a channel that is shared by few networks.

Upgrade the antenna

Does the antenna on your router removable? If yes, then it is great! It’s going to be easy for you to upgrade the antenna. Upgrading the antenna with a larger antenna will generate larger db with the strengthening of the signal.

Is your bandwidth being eaten up?

Have you ever noticed that the Wi-Fi speed drops at specific times of the day? There are chances that certain software or devices are feeding on your Wi-Fi. In that case, you need to find the reason of it and remove those devices or software from being on the network.

You cannot expect your Wi-Fi setup to go on perfectly throughout. However, it is worth to take the measures to maintain this set up. The measures cited above may help you in having a decent connection without being frustrated.

If nothing seems to work, you can think of upgrading the router. This should help.

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