Essential Apps for your PC

When you get a new PC/ laptop or just format your OLD hard disk, the first question that comes to your mind after installing windows is “Which apps to  install now ?” . It has always been a cumbersome task to download all the essential apps to your PC on first time use. But now times have changed and so has this segment. Now you can just automate all installation. One exe file for everything else. Software’s like Ninte and All Software download do their work pretty well.

However software’s used by each person differs a lot, but there are a few which are very essential for all the people who have a internet Connection and use their PC from time to time.

free-antivirus1. Antivirus Software

This always comes first in your while installing other applications. This is because you might catch a virus while download other software. So before you do anything else

Install an ANTIVIRUS !!

The best anti-virus being – Kaspersky(Used by me), Bitdefender and bullgaurd security (These two require extensive system hardware but are better than Kaspersky)

In the free segment: The only AV suite i can recommend is AVG Free AntiVirus / Avast can be an Alternative

In the final Ninte download link I have included AVG Free Antivirus and MalwareBytes to protect you from malwares

2. 7Zip /Winrar

While winrar remains the best in this segment and is recommended, but 7Zip doesnt slack behind and is the best free file compression software

In the final Ninte download link I have included 7Zip as it is a highly recommended freeware



3. Web browser

battle-of-the-best-browsers-headerWhile i personally prefer Chrome, but many prefer Firefox . In this segment there is nothing else to explain as everyone know the pros and cons of a browser


In the final Ninte download link I have included both firefox and Chrome as you might require both if one doesnt work due to a glitch (You dont want to use IE now do you ? 😉 )

4. Office Suite

The best in this segment of software is MS Office 2013  but another freeware called Libre Office is the best alternative for MS Office. This said: I have included Libre Office in the final Download 

5.  Download Manager

There is no competition in this segment as there are 2 clear winners here

1. IDM

It is highly recommended to download IDM from the link here or above  

windows-media-player-01-535x5356. Media Players

when the term Media player is referred to, then only one name comes in the mind which is VLC media player. But in the couple of years, there have being several codec releases and VLC cannot handle all the codecs, and so K- Lite codec Pack emerged to give you support for all those codecs you’ve never heard about.

In the Final Ninte Download i have included both VLC and K- Lite Codec Pack

7. Utility

The Best Utilities are

1. Advanced System Optimizer
2. Tune- up Utilities

but the free alternative is Glary Utilities which i have duly included in the final Ninte file

8. RunTimes

Certain libraries which are required to run different types of software. In this i have selected all common run times in ninte  as you might require them at one time or another

1. Java

9.  Others

The other essential Software i have included are

1. Skype
3. Acrobat reader (Which is really important to read pdf files)

Download Ninte Installer 

Dont like my choices: Go to and choose the software’s that fits you

 Missed something ? Mention that in the comments 

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