Hack any computer using *PREDATOR*

Keyloggers have been around for a long time. They have become smarter and better over the years. But now the AV suite haave caught up with them. I had lots of trouble making this video just because Kaspersky kept disturbing me from time to time.

Predator Pain V13

This is one of those cool keyloggers which have been made and improved by the community.

SO lets start

1. Opening

Before you can open the software you will have to disable your antivirus

In the download link you will have two folders. One- DeCompiled and other cracked by meth

Copy and paste the cracked folder to your desktop.
Open the folder and double click on cracked file again.
A window like this should open up



2. Selecting a method to send data

Now you need a wat in which all your victims passwords and stuff can come to you. You can either select FTP, PHP or the most easy way – Email.
For this enter your email, your accounts password(dont worry am not stealing your password, if you want you can make a new test email account and try it out)
Find the port and SMPT server on the inter net for your specific email provider.
now go to the next option thats recovery

3. Recovery

This option has been provided to keep a copy of all password saved in all types of browsers and software like steam and skype or an IM.

4. Settings

Predator2This tab has all you need to customize your keylogger. I have already done whats best for you in the above and these settings are highly recommended

5. Binder

Binding files are very important in making of the keylogging stub. Click on your keylogger should open the file they are expecting to open under normal circumstance without noticing the keylogger quietly deploying itself in the system. For this tut i have selected a RIO wallpaper which you can see below

Predator3So when our victim double clicks the file, the RIO wallpaper opens up.

5. Options

Here you’ll find expert options which you will require to successfully make a good keylogger.

6. Tools

Here you will change the default Icon and also the extension from exe to a .jpg file so no one suspects that it is a virus file capable of stealing data.



Compiling your logger

finally we come to the building process after which you can just copy cut paste it in your pendrive email it to a friend ask them to open it 😉


Have any question? Ask below in the comments section
download the file below




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