Easeus: Free Memory Card Recovery Software

There are not many people who do anything to protect their memory card data. On the other hand, there are some people who create backups, install software’s and many other things to keep their data safe. The memory card is a gadget that holds plenty of personal and important information.  There are precious memories in your memory card, your favorite videos and music files etc. What if someday you lost all your data? It can be a worst day of our lives. There is plenty of information which we share on a daily basis, download from the internet thus memory cards are prone to virus attacks and others.   Many times data is accidentally lost or we intentionally format it. Now what if we desperately want to have all the data back? In such cases, memory card recovery software can be quite handy. Just make you sure that you are using a professional software like EaseUS.


Easeus Reliable Software

With this effective software, you can recover all your corrupted, lost, deleted, formatted pictures, music and videos etc.  You restore your data from the CF card, Micro SD card, MMC, storage devices like USB, Mini SD cards, pen drives, and floppy. This software is a popular choice for the home users, enterprise and business with its comprehensive functions, user- friendly wizard and you will get it free on the website. Here are some of the key features of the software

  • It is hundred percent  reliable and risk free
  • Recover data in case of formatting, lost, deleted, corrupted data etc.
  • Can retrieve data from plenty of devices such as Pen Drive, USB Drive, camera card and many others.
  • Support windows platforms and common file systems.
  • It is user friendly  and its functions  are divided respectively
  • It is very simple and easy to use.

There are no skills required and anyone can use this effective software.

 How To Use MC Recovery Software?

EaseUS offers its users with free MC recovery software which is very simple to use. All types of MC data can be recovered from this effective software by following theses simple steps. It is easy yet powerful.

With the free edition you will find three modules on the wizard Deleted file recovery, Partition recovery and Complete recovery

  • Install a freeware  on your devices  and click on the module complete recovery
  • Select the files which you want to retrieve and also choose the volume where the formatted MC is after which program will select and scan the automatically.
  • Choose a directory or file on your MC which you want to retrieve and then choose a directory for saving all your data. You also get a preview option before saving it.


These are the three simple steps which you have to follow to get back your formatted data from your memory card. If you want to enjoy plenty of other features of the easeUS software’s then switch to the premium version. By this way you will always have a recovery data tool always with you and you can instantly get back your lost data.

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