How To Reset Or Refresh Windows 8/8.1 Without Any Installation Disc

Windows 8/8.1 has two  new features which are refresh and reset. if (unfortunately) your system runs into trouble and you have to reset of refresh the system to make it work normally. But each time you are asked to use these tools, you will be greeted with the following message

As you can see, each time you want to reset/refresh your system you will be required to put in the installation or the system repair disk.
a simple workaround will made your Windows 8/8.1  toReset or Refresh without using either of installation disc.

Reset Or Refresh Windows 8 Without Installation Disc

1. go to your Windows installation drive and create a folder called refresh .
2. Now go to the setup folder/ setup file for your windows 8/8.1 and mount/open it. Once that done, locate the folder sources and then search for a file called install.wim


3.  Now copy this file into the refresh folder we just created
4. Once that is done you just have to update the registry and you are good to go.
To do that open command prompt and type the following command

reagentc /setosimage /path C:Refresh /target C:Windows /index 1

and you should be greeted with the following success message
RefreshWindows3And thats it ! 😀

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