How to migrate from WordPress to Ghost: The easy way

Our blog: will be migrating to wordpress very soon. And it was this time when i found that there was no easy way to transfer from wordpress to Ghost. And hence i decided to make this post on doing the transfer without a hitch and for free.


Probably the most easy thing.
Go to Disqus. Register an account.
Install the wordpres plugin for Disqus on your blog.
Once that is done

go to> Comments> Disqus


Click on the plugin settings > Top Right Corner

Scroll down to see the Sync Options
Disqus2Clicking on the export button does the job of importing comments to your Disqus account and ultimately your Ghost account.

Now, adding a disqus widget to your theme at ghost will add the comments to your site. As simple as that.

2. Exporting Pictures

This is by far the most irritating thing as ghost doesn’t have a good image handling engine. To do this you will have to install this wordpress plugin called W3Total cache.

Note: IF you have your own CDN, then these steps need not be taken.



After clicking on the general setting> Scroll down to the CDN section and select Amazon


Once that is done> Go and register a free AWS Account.
Get your AWS details and enter them here:

Now enter your aws access and secret key:
Note: Once you have done that you have to click on the Create Distribution button which will work only if the access and secret keys are OK.


This might take some time, depending on the amount of pictures you have on your site. But once it is done all the images on your site will will be replaced by a cloud front URL.  –

The only thing changed is the domain which means that the images have been exported.


And last but not the least. posts 

To export posts to ghost you will have to download a plugin called export to ghosts. ExportToghost

The option will automatically download a Json file with all the information.
This is where some tweaking will have to be done.
You have to open the .json file in a text editor: Recommended- notepad ++


This is be very long and will take lots of time to load : Kindly do the following

1.  search for
2. and replace it with your own cloud front URL :


Then Click on replace ALL. 

And thats it ! You have now successfully exported WordPress to Ghost. This json file which when imported to your ghost account will display everything correctly 🙂

Kindly comment if you have anymore queries.


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