IFTTT: Put the internet to work for you

Using an IFTTT account you activate any of the 105 available channels—that’s up from 69 channels last year. Each has its own set of triggers (the “if this” part) or actions (the “then that” side). For example, if you make a status update on one service (a trigger), IFTTT will ensure an action takes place on another channel to, for example, repost that update. Combine them just right and you can create a daisy chain of triggers and actions across a number of services, where just one post could hit almost every corner of your Web presence.

The basic function of IFTTT is to automate things.
So lets get started


Head over to IFTTT.com and register for an account.

Create Channels:

channels are tasks which you can create so that a trigger automatically activates one.
Go to All Channels  and select a channel that suits you.

For this post i am going to demonstrate the facebook pages channel.
Select your preferred language IFTTT2Once you have activated a channel, choose a trigger which will activate the channel.


After choosing you’re preferred trigger  specify the details.

Now that we are done with the trigger, lets start with the actions.   IFTT5
In this case i am testing twitter :

Activate the new channel
and choose the action and click on create Action button. IFTTT6
Cross check everything. If everything is Ok, then click on Create Recipe. IFTTT7

And you are done. Thats it 🙂
Recipes will check for updates every 15 minutes unless you have the mobile app installed.

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